P. Narciso St., Barangay Corazon de Jesus, San Juan City


Barangay Corazon de Jesus was established in the early 1940’s. The former name of Corazon de Jesus was “EL DEPOSITO” because of a myth that there is a hidden treasure inside the tunnel. Behind the San Juan Post Office in Pinaglabanan St., is an opening that leads to a long tunnel going to different parts of Metro Manila.

The name “Corazon de Jesus” was given by Don Ramon Fernandez and Dona Feliza Narciso. During those times, they were the very influential families to the leaders of San Juan . They got the name from one of the existing streets in San Juan.

The first Barangay Hall was located in front of the San Juan Municipal High School Main Building. In 1990 they transferred the Barangay Hall to its current location, No. 480 Lt. Artiaga St. corner P. Narciso St., The present Barangay Hall was funded by the Municipal Government.

For the first fifty four (54) years of the existence of the Barangay, there were only three (3) people who held the office of the Barangay Chairpesron. The first Barangay Chairperson, who was then called “Tenyente del Barrio” is “Tandang“ Gorio Serrnao who served in 1950’s. He was appointed by then Mayor Ingracio Santos. The second to hold the office was Pio Escoto during the 1960’s who was elected by the people. The third was Napoleon D. Villora Sr. who was elected into office in 1972 up to September 30, 2005.

On October 1, 2005, Barangay Chairperson Napoleon D. Villoria Sr. passed away leaving the position to the first Kagawad, Alipio N. Mendoza. He was formally appointed as Barangay Chairperson by the Municipal Mayor of San Juan , Joseph Victor “JV’ G. Ejercito on October 17, 2005. He was elected to the position on 2007.

On October 2010, a new Barangay Chairperson was elected into office in the person of Hon. Ruel R. Sumaguinsing and was re-elected on October 2013. The current Barangay Council is composed of Hon. Reymundo Lugo, Hon. Roderick Cordovilla, Hon. Medardo cabubas Jr. Hon. Jaime Tabirao, Hon. Ramon Penaranda, Hon. Rolando Labaco and Hon. Rodolfo Dela Cruz.

The New logo of the barangay was formally launched last July 1, 2011 and it is currently used in all of its correspondence.

To go to Barangay Corazon de Jesus, one can ride the bus plying the Cainta-Quiapo route or jeepney with Ortigas –San Juan route, which passes through Pinaglabanan St. Another route that can be taken is via jeepney, San Juan- Divisoria and San Juan- Cubao route, these jeepneys passes through N. Domingo St.

The Barangay has an estimated land area of 33.0234 hectares. Road ratio is 1,123.23 sq. km/hectare, road density of 0.121 km/hectare and a total road length of 4.623 km. The street boundaries are Alfonso XIII St. up north, Santolan Road. In the east, N. Domingo St. in the west and Pinaglabanan St. down south. The Barangay boundaries are Ermitano up north, Pasadena in the east, Balong Bato and Pedro Cruz in the west, Isabelita and St. Joseph down south.

The barangay has eighteen (18) streets. The following are the major through fares of the barangay: Santolan Rd., Pinaglabanan St., N. Domingo St. Lt. Artiaga St., Alfonso XIII St., P. Narciso St. and Corazon de Jesus St.,

There are eleven (11) small streets namely; San Roque St., St., John St., Josefa Drive St., Lactao St., Victoria St., Paraiso St., Pancho Villa St., V. Sotto St., Ipil St., Mulawin and Yakal St.

There is also an ordinance to rename the inner streets of the barangay as follows:
Calle Nagkaisa                                         – 1st street after the City Hall
Calle Mapagmahal                                  – 2nd street after the City Hall
Calle Mapagkumbaba                            – 3rd street after the City Hall
Calle Magalang                                        – street leading to Sitio SPAC
Calle Mapagmalasakit                           – stretch of wall of Pinaglabanan Shrine

Based on the 2015 census, the Barangay has an estimated population of 7,928 of the total population, 39.9% or 2,190 are males and 60.1% or 5,738 are females. The Barangay has a total of 4,180 families or 2,090 households. There are 6,070 total Registered Voters in 48 precincts.

Barangay Corazon de Jesus is considered a residential area until recent development mostly in Lt. Artiaga St. wherein big development is on- going. It is converted to commercial and residential houses are being converted to buildings for warehouse, offices and condominiums.

Clairemont Hills Parksuites is the latest condominium being constructed in the area. Currently there are two (2) gasoline stations in the barangay, Shell and Petron Gas station.

The New City Hall of San Juan was transferred in Barangay Corazon de Jesus and started its operation last 2012.

There are three (3) public and two (2) private schools located in the barangay. The public schools are as follows: Pinaglabanan Elementary School, San Juan National High School (main and annex building) and the Barangay Day Care Center. The private schools are as follows: Fountain International School and Academia del Senor Nazareno.